Depp to play The Riddler? And Hoffman as The Penguin?

It looks like The Dark Knight producers are after Johnny Depp to play the character of The Riddler in the next Batman movie. We get the story thanks to YahooNews:

“Johnny Depp is tipped to play Batman villain The Riddler in the next installment of the comic book movie series.

After the huge success of The Dark Knight, which has taken GBP220 million at the worldwide box office, producers are confident they can convince Depp to take on Christian Bale’s Batman on the big screen.

And, according to the National Enquirer, studio bosses also want Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman onboard to play another of the Caped Crusader’s arch-foe, the Penguin.

The Riddler was played on the small screen in the 1960s by Frank Gorshin and in 1995 movie Batman Forever by Jim Carrey. Hoffman would be stepping into the shoes of TV and movie Penguins Burgess Meredith and Danny DeVito.

A source tells the Enquirer, “(Producers) are convinced that the role of the Riddler is perfect for Depp. Johnny’s a pro. He’ll be able to take direction from director Chris Nolan and still make the character his own.

“And what better Penguin is there than Philip Seymour Hoffman.”

After seeing The Dark Knight numerous times it has become very clear that no matter what character they introduce in any following films they will not be able to live up to The Joker. It’s just a fact. However they have to go somewhere with it and The Riddler I think is the next logical step.

Johnny Depp, when he takes the right roles, is one hell of an actor. It’s just we tend to forget it because of his celebrity status that often clouds it. Thinking about it now I can’t think of anyone else who would do a better job than Depp; he has the talent, he has a good look for the character and I can’t imagine why he would say no once he is asked.

As far as The Penguin goes, once I realised the character isn’t an actual penguin, as Tim Burton’s Batman Returns painted him to be, but rather a mobster type criminal then I think he has potential to be a great character in the next-next film. And I can’t think of anyone more perfectly suited than Philip Seymour Hoffman, one of the finest actors of our time.

Hopefully both of these actors end up getting the roles when the times comes around, if they do then the casts they have managed to get for these modern Batman films will be amongst the best in motion picture history.


Alicia Keys and Jack White to do Quantum Of Solace theme

There’s been many speculation as to who’s going to do the latest Bond theme. We’ve had everything from Leona Lewis to Beyonce Knowles. Now it looks as if it’s going to be Alicia Keys and Jack White. I like the sound of Jack White but not Keys and it will be interesting  to see what it sounds like.

From Source:

After all the talk of Amy, Duffy and Leona, the next James Bond theme won’t be coming from the best of British.

Alicia Keys and White Stripe/Raconteur Jack White  will instead record the first duet in the history of the iconic spy series, entitled Another Way To Die.

It’s an unusual pairing, bringing together Keys’ R&B balladry and White’s hard rock and blues influences. White has written and produced the track, and also plays the drums.

The movie producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli said: “We are delighted and pleased to have two such exciting artists as Jack and Alicia.”

The musicians “were inspired by our film to join together their extraordinary talents in creating a unique sound for Quantum of Solace.” Though some might suspect a huge cheque will have helped sway them too.

The theme for Quantum Of Solace, the second film to star Daniel Craig as the British spy, was originally intended to be a collaboration between Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson The plan fell apart when Ronson said Winehouse was in no state to record anything.


Quantum of Solace is due for release in the UK October 31st and November 7th in the US.

Universal takes on Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards

On top of the glorious news that both Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio might be starring in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming World War II film entitled Inglorious Bastards, we also have the news that Universal Studios is partnering with The Weinstein Company to release it. We get the scoop from our friends over at

“Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards has landed at Universal Pictures, reports Variety.

The studio has signed a deal to partner with the Weinstein Company to bring the World War II drama to the big screen.

Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein met with five studios last week, and it came down to Paramount and Universal.”

First off it’s great to see that the ball is officially rolling on this long talked about and long awaited next film from Tarantino. As a devoted fan of the filmmaker I will see anything, and I mean anything, that he creates. And Inglorious Bastards is no exception.

This piece of news tells us something interesting – that The Weinstein Company were shaken severely by the flop that was Grindhouse, Tarantino’s last film that they released. And it seems that they are being very cautious by teaming up with another studio to release this one, I’m guessing they don’t want another flop on their hands. Who would?

Inglorious Bastards is set to be released in mid-2009.

Trailer for Oliver Stone’s ‘W’


I have to admit that I haven’t seen an awful lot of Stone’s films so I can’t really comment. Stone’s latest is about A chronicle on the life and presidency of George W. Bush (Brolin). It looks difficult to say whether this will be a hit or a miss, but I don’t think it looks bad at all. The film also stars Elizabeth Banks (Laura Bush), Ioan Gruffudd (Blair), Thandie Newton (Condoleezza Rice), Ellen Burstyn (Barbara Bush), Jeffrey Wright (Colin Powell), Richard Dreyfuss (Dick Cheney) and James Cromwell (George Bush Snr.)

The film is set for release in October but has no other release dates at present.

I Am Legend Prequel?

It appears that the blockbuster flick of last year I Am Legend is being considered for another. However director Francis Lawrence said it would be a prequel and not a traditional sequel. We get the story from SlashFilm:

“During Comic Con, filmmaker Francis Lawrence revealed to Shock Till You Drop that he is thinking of making a prequel to the Will Smith sci-fi thriller I Am Legend.

“Yes, yes, absolutely, we’re actually trying to crack that, Francis told Shock. “We’re trying to figure out some ideas for it.”

Although it’s definitely not set in stone I think it’s pretty safe to say they will have another crack at this. Considering the film made almost $600 million worldwide I can’t see them not making another one in some form. However is making a prequel rather than a sequel a good idea? Personally I say leave it alone; I wasn’t a huge fan of the film in the first place so that may have something to do with my dislike for the idea of doing another one but it just seems like grabbing for more cash to me. What do you make of it? Like the idea of doing another one and if so do you like the prequel idea?

Status updates for remakes of The Birds, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Rosemary’s Baby


We have known that they are planning on remakes of all of these films for a while now but thanks to our friends over at SlashFilm we have updates of what stage each of them are at:

“The Birds – “Martin Campbell is going to be directing that. Naomi Watts has said that she wants to star in the movie. We have a treatment that we’re submitting to the studio in the next week or so. And if they sign off on that treatment, we’ll go to script, and hopefully we’ll have a script that’s shootable next summer.”

A Nightmare on Elm Street – “We don’t have a deal to do that yet. We’re hoping that will happen soon. But as of today, we don’t have a deal. New Line hired a writer, Wesley Strick, to start writing it. And we have nothing to do with it except maybe ask them to hire us. We’re close. A deal’s being set.”

Rosemary’s Baby – “We’re in the process of hiring a writer, to kind of update that movie. That’s the next movie that we’re making with Paramount Studios.”

Like most people I don’t want any of these films remade but out of three I think The Birds would benefit the most from an update. With the special effects they have now that they didn’t have back in the 60’s (although that’s part of the charm of the original) they could really create a remake of this that’s something behold. However Rosemary’s Baby and especially A Nightmare on Elm Street I see no real point in remaking. What do you make of it?

Teaser for Pixar’s ‘Up’!

The first teaser trailer for the upcoming Pixar film Up was revealed at this year’s Comic Con. Actually it’s more of a teaser to the actual teaser but it’s great to see a little something with still almost a year to go until release. Check the trailer out below:

Now after the wonderful Wall-E recently I can’t imagine how Pixar are going to top it with this. The teaser looks great obviously, but it’s a lot more cartoon like than I thought it would be. I guess when you’ve tasted the realistic quality they accomplished so flawlessly with WALL-E that anything else seems a bit like a step down. However on the plus side it does make it look more fun, but whatever way I’m sure, as usual, that we will get nothing short of excellence from the king of animation. Up is set to be released in the US on May 29th 2009.