American remake of ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’ to be called something different

It’s been a while since it was announced that yet another remake of an Asian horror film was being remade called A Tale of Two Sisters. I HATE it when these very scary films get remade as not only in principal (as I don’t see how they can’t come up with their own ideas) but also because they usually suck. With the exception of the American version of The Ring, every one of them has sucked in comparison to the originals – The Grudge, The Eye, Shutter, One Missed call – they all suck.

Well it seems that not only are we subjected to yet another remake of one of them but they are making themselves look even worse by calling it something different. Instead of using the same title A Tale of Two Sisters, I just read on IMDB that it’s going to be called The Uninvited. Now for any of you out there there who may recognise the name – yes there was an Asian horror film from 2003 with the same name but it has no link to this. But I diverse…

So what was wrong with the original title? Too detailed? Too long? Or do they feel the need to have a catchy name for the sake of the posters? Whatever motivation they had I think it’s plain dumb; if they have to remake quality original content do they have to change the name too?


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