Bale ‘lost temper’ on Terminator 4 set

On top of accusations against actor Christian Bale that he assaulted his mother and wife there is more news that he supposedly lost his temper on the set of the upcoming sequel Terminator Salvation. YahooNews has the story:

“Actor Christian Bale reportedly flew into a rage on the set of forthcoming film Terminator 4 last Friday – just two days before he is alleged to have assaulted his mother and sister.

The Batman star, 34, was arrested in London on Tuesday over allegations he attacked his mum Jenny, 61, and sister Sharon, 40, at the capital’s Dorchester Hotel on Sunday night.

Bale – who has denied the accusations – was subsequently released on bail, but reports have now emerged online claiming that he also lost his temper while shooting action movie Terminator 4 at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico.

According to website, the actor became incensed when he thought Shane Hurlbut, the director of cinematography, messed up a shot.

The site claims Bale screamed, “I will kick your ass” to Hurlbut, before hurling several other insults at him – in front of hundreds of cast and crewmembers, as well as Military Police officers.

However, other sources have played down the reports, saying Bale was simply “extremely tired and having a bad day”.

Bale is due to return to London to face possible assault charges in September (08).”

All this news about one of my favourite actors has me very unsettled. Even though you can’t really say how someone is in their everyday life just by looking at how they present themselves to us all, I still am very surprised to hear he could do such things. I really hope that these turn out just to be nasty allegations and that there’s no truth to them.

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  1. I’m totally looking forward to seeing the new Terminator… Christian Bale tends to do a great job no matter what role he takes

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