How Well Could The Dark Knight Really Do?

We all knew The Dark Knight would make a lot of money at the box office. But we never knew just how much. A few weeks before it’s release (in the US) there was talk of, “Could The Dark Knight break $100 million opening weekend?” And as the buzz started to rise even more, not just with the online community but with average movie goers, the conversations changed to, “Could The Dark Knight beat Pirates 3’s opening weekend?” It seemed like an unbelievable claim considering the dark nature of the film compared to other summer flicks but not only did it make a ton of money but it easily surpassed the third Pirates of the Caribbean’s opening weekend box office of $151 Million with $158 Million.

Despite the film’s 50% drop in how much money it made the following weekend (in the US) it still made almost $78 million even then, a result most movies would kill for in their first weekend. And it’s continued to rise from opening day until the present, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to even stop making money at this point. And the questions are now raised about how well the film will ultimately do. Will it beat Titanic’s mammoth $600 million in the US? It’s possible but in my opinion not probable. And I guarantee it won’t beat the $1.8 billion set by the Oscar winning blockbuster at the worldwide box office. Despite it being a ridiculous amount on it’s own and practically impossible to see being beaten at this point, The Dark Knight has not done as well in the rest of the world as it has in the US, still considerably well but just not as well.

Right now The Dark Knight is sitting at $394 Million and worldwide it’s $553 Million. If I had to make a prediction I would say it will hit the $500 Million dollar mark and become the 2nd highest grossing film in the US of all time. But I just can’t see it beating that damn boat, although we can all hope, can’t we?

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