Passengers or Knowing?

Which do you prefer the look of; the new Anne Hathaway and Patrick Wilson thriller Passengers, or the upcoming Nicolas Cage thriller Knowing? Both involve supernatural elements about seeing the future or having extraordinary knowledge/abilities. Well, something to that affect anyway. The reason I have compared the two, despite the similar plot elements, is a strikingly similar still from each film that I ran across on the net. Check them out below:






Seems like they both centre around some sort of plane crash, with Passengers it seems obvious why but with Knowing it’s not so easy to know (get it?). Personally I prefer the look of Knowing, as Passengers looks the more run-of-the-mill of the two and apart from the inclusion of Patrick Wilson and Anna Hathaway I can’t say I have a strong interest in it. Knowing has a bigger potential to be total crap, but I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt because of it’s intriguing storyline. To help you make up your mind the trailers for both films are provided below.




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