Inside Man 2 in the works

Word has come out that a sequel is being made to the Spike Lee film from a couple of years ago called Inside Man. We get the scoop from our friends over at FilmSchoolRejects:

“Universal Pictures is in negotiations to have Terry George write the screenplay and Spike Lee to direct the sequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Russel Gewirtz wrote the original. Inside Man 2 is the working title.

Inside Man was Lee’s biggest box office weekend opener, focusing on the relationship that emerges at a New York bank between a bank robber (Clive Owen) and a hostage negotiator (Denzel Washington). Lee says he imagines a continued relationship between the two main characters, only in a new high-tension situation. Both Washington and Owen have expressed interest in appearing in the sequel.

“I want the script to be even better than Russell’s, and Russell wrote a really good script,” Lee said. While this may seem like a large task, George has some notches on his belt as writer/director of Hotel Rwanda and writer of In the Name of the Father.”

I absolutely loved Inside Man. I thought it was one of the smartest, most entertaining and most on-the-ball films of it’s type in years. A lot of people were let down by the ending because it wasn’t a big hoorah of one but personally I thought it was in tune with the feel of the rest of the movie – remember things don’t always go as you’d expect, sometimes it’s not always as exciting as most movies tell you.

But to me I can’t really see the point in doing a sequel to it other than to explore the characters a bit more. To me it’s great as it’s own film and I don’t feel the need to extend the story any; it’s fine the way it is.

What are your thoughts on the idea of an Inside Man 2?

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