I Am Legend Prequel?

It appears that the blockbuster flick of last year I Am Legend is being considered for another. However director Francis Lawrence said it would be a prequel and not a traditional sequel. We get the story from SlashFilm:

“During Comic Con, filmmaker Francis Lawrence revealed to Shock Till You Drop that he is thinking of making a prequel to the Will Smith sci-fi thriller I Am Legend.

“Yes, yes, absolutely, we’re actually trying to crack that, Francis told Shock. “We’re trying to figure out some ideas for it.”

Although it’s definitely not set in stone I think it’s pretty safe to say they will have another crack at this. Considering the film made almost $600 million worldwide I can’t see them not making another one in some form. However is making a prequel rather than a sequel a good idea? Personally I say leave it alone; I wasn’t a huge fan of the film in the first place so that may have something to do with my dislike for the idea of doing another one but it just seems like grabbing for more cash to me. What do you make of it? Like the idea of doing another one and if so do you like the prequel idea?

Status updates for remakes of The Birds, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Rosemary’s Baby


We have known that they are planning on remakes of all of these films for a while now but thanks to our friends over at SlashFilm we have updates of what stage each of them are at:

“The Birds – “Martin Campbell is going to be directing that. Naomi Watts has said that she wants to star in the movie. We have a treatment that we’re submitting to the studio in the next week or so. And if they sign off on that treatment, we’ll go to script, and hopefully we’ll have a script that’s shootable next summer.”

A Nightmare on Elm Street – “We don’t have a deal to do that yet. We’re hoping that will happen soon. But as of today, we don’t have a deal. New Line hired a writer, Wesley Strick, to start writing it. And we have nothing to do with it except maybe ask them to hire us. We’re close. A deal’s being set.”

Rosemary’s Baby – “We’re in the process of hiring a writer, to kind of update that movie. That’s the next movie that we’re making with Paramount Studios.”

Like most people I don’t want any of these films remade but out of three I think The Birds would benefit the most from an update. With the special effects they have now that they didn’t have back in the 60’s (although that’s part of the charm of the original) they could really create a remake of this that’s something behold. However Rosemary’s Baby and especially A Nightmare on Elm Street I see no real point in remaking. What do you make of it?

Teaser for Pixar’s ‘Up’!

The first teaser trailer for the upcoming Pixar film Up was revealed at this year’s Comic Con. Actually it’s more of a teaser to the actual teaser but it’s great to see a little something with still almost a year to go until release. Check the trailer out below:

Now after the wonderful Wall-E recently I can’t imagine how Pixar are going to top it with this. The teaser looks great obviously, but it’s a lot more cartoon like than I thought it would be. I guess when you’ve tasted the realistic quality they accomplished so flawlessly with WALL-E that anything else seems a bit like a step down. However on the plus side it does make it look more fun, but whatever way I’m sure, as usual, that we will get nothing short of excellence from the king of animation. Up is set to be released in the US on May 29th 2009.

J.J. Abrams Says Cloverfield 2 Will Not Be ‘Literal Sequel’

During a panel at this year’s Comic Con, J.J. Abrams let slip a piece of information about the sequel for Cloverfield. We get the story thanks to SlashFilm:

“During the Comic Con panel for Fringe, someone asked J.J. Abrams if there were any updates on a Cloverfield sequel. Abrams response started off very much in the same way that it did when he was asked about it before, but then he let slip a piece of information that is sure to spark conjecture amongst fans.

“There’s something we’re playing with now that may or may not happen. There’s an idea we have that plays with… it’s not a literal sequel.“

I thought Cloverfield was a great experiment in mainstream Hollywood cinema. They employed some bold techniques, not least of which was the hand-held camera technique, but in my opinion they paid off and it was a very invigorating time at the movies.

However I don’t at all feel there should be a sequel; I think it worked as a one-off type project and to me any addition to it would kind of cheapen the first one. However if there has to be one it’s good they are taking some time to think about it and not just hashing one out for the sake of making quick cash. What do you think about what Abrams said? Like the idea of a sequel and if so do you like the idea that it’s not a traditional one?

Movie Review: The Dark Knight

**Updated with SarahG’s review at bottom**

By Ross Miller

It must be at least 18 months since the hype machine was started up for The Dark Knight. It may not have appeared on the average movie goer’s radar until a couple of months before the movie was actually released but for people who spend half their life on the Internet this was followed meticulously from photograph to photograph, new trailer to new trailer, and it got to a point where it seemed no matter how good the movie was, it wouldn’t live up to the hype and expectations.

Well, I’m here to tell you, like so many others before me, that The Dark Knightlives up to all of that, delivering the quality that everyone wanted and a plethora of unexpected aspects thrown in for good measure. This is expansive yet meticulous filmmaking; an epic, all-enveloping crime tale hidden under the disguise of a comic book movie.

Carrying directly on from Batman Begins, The Dark Knight sees Batman and Lieutenant Gordon join forces with newly appointed DA Harvey Dent to take on a psychopathic criminal known as The Joker. Simultaneously they have to combat other forces, such as the mob, which are still persisting as the core problem within Gotham City, whilst The Joker’s crimes grow more and more deadly.

With Batman Begins, director Christopher Nolan took a pretty much dead franchise and breathed fresh life into it. He managed to make people forgive the movie making industry for the atrocity that was Batman & Robin and we were free to have faith in the character and all it has to offer once again. It was gritty, realistic, and showed the true, dark nature of the character with none of the colourful candy layered on top that some of the previous films had. However, Nolan and company have done what I didn’t think was possible — they have surpassed the quality set by the predecessor and made not only the best comic book movie ever made, but a film that transcends the genre and could more accurately be described as an epic, expansive crime story that just happens to have a comic book character in it.

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Saw V Teaser Trailer

Halloween is only a few months away and like every year for the past four they are releasing another Saw film to coincide with it. And the first teaser trailer has been put online, thanks to our friends over at ShockTillYouDrop:

Now even as a fan of the first Saw film (and somewhat one of the second) I can’t say I’m excited about them continuing on this franchise. The third was rubbish and even though the fourth improved on it’s predecessor it was still nothing worth shouting from the roofs about. However I can’t see how they can continue this franchise, or more specifically the character, and it just seems like stretching an idea to make money.

However as the past four films have shown this is probably the only “torture-porn” franchise that still has validity with people and makes money and I have no doubt the fifth installment will follow suit. The trailer for it is better than I thought it would be although I’m not sure where they’re going with this sort of religious vibe. What do you make of it?
Saw V
is set to be released on October 24th.

First Two Max Payne Posters

The first two posters for the upcoming video game adaptation Max Payne have been made available online. Thanks to our friends over at FirstShowing:

(Click posters for bigger versions)

Now as a fan of the video game I am excited to see how they have translated it to movie form. To me the game seemed like one of the few that had enough in it outwith the actual gameplay to warrant an adaptation to the big screen and fingers crossed this doesn’t suck like 99% of all films that are based on games do.

The posters are very well designed, especially the first one. It really gives the feel of the game and they seemed to have the look of the character pretty much nailed as far as I’m concerned. Let’s hope this is a sign of good things to come. Max Payne is due to be released on October 17th 2008.