Brad Pitt Joins Inglorious Bastards…..Simon Pegg in talks

Source: Empire/Variety


Well it’s official. Brad Pitt will star in Tarantino’s latest film set to be filmed in October of this year. At the moment he’s the only confirmed star and as Empire reports: Simon Pegg is in talks to play a British Lieutenant, Nastassja Kinski has begun negotiations to play a German movie star and David Krumholtz is likely to join the cast as well.

This is shaping up to be a classic Tarantino cast and hopefully another great Tarantino film.

The Inglorious Bastards ranks continue to swell with Brad Pitt now officially signed on to play a Tennessee hillbilly who leads a band of eight Jewish-American soldiers to take out some rough justice on the Nazis.

Variety reports that Tim Roth was in talks to join the cast, but scheduling difficulties prevented it. Interestingly, their article also says that much of the film’s dialogue will be in either French or German, with subtitles, although Pitt will speak in English.”

Tarantino is set to begin shooting in Germany on October 13 and is still planning to have the film ready for next year’s Cannes Film Festival.  As Empire says; it sounds like a incredibly tight deadline but I’m sure it’ll work.

Pitt/DiCaprio in Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards?

Quentin Tarantino’s next film is underway and set for sometime around 2009. There’s a rumour that both Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio have been asked to star in Tarantino’s latest. Reading the article from, Pitt met with Tarantino in France earlier this week to talk about playing the role of Aldo Raine and also met with DiCaprio to discuss the possibility of playing another lead role in the film, Hans Landa.

If both agree, I’m sure this film will be one to look out for next year…

Watch this space….