New Quantum of Solace trailer

A new, full trailer for the next Bond film Quantum of Solace has been made available and is provided below for your viewing pleasure.

This flick is looking better and better by the minute. The first kind of teaser-ish trailer they released was awesome in it’s own right but this official one just kicks it up more than a few notches. Casino Royale kicked all sorts of ass but if there is such a possibility this next instalment in the long-running franchise looks like it will be even better. Everything about this movie has me really excited to see it (well except for the name, anyway). Quantum of Solace is released on 31st of October in the UK and 14th of November in the US.


Alicia Keys and Jack White to do Quantum Of Solace theme

There’s been many speculation as to who’s going to do the latest Bond theme. We’ve had everything from Leona Lewis to Beyonce Knowles. Now it looks as if it’s going to be Alicia Keys and Jack White. I like the sound of Jack White but not Keys and it will be interesting  to see what it sounds like.

From Source:

After all the talk of Amy, Duffy and Leona, the next James Bond theme won’t be coming from the best of British.

Alicia Keys and White Stripe/Raconteur Jack White  will instead record the first duet in the history of the iconic spy series, entitled Another Way To Die.

It’s an unusual pairing, bringing together Keys’ R&B balladry and White’s hard rock and blues influences. White has written and produced the track, and also plays the drums.

The movie producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli said: “We are delighted and pleased to have two such exciting artists as Jack and Alicia.”

The musicians “were inspired by our film to join together their extraordinary talents in creating a unique sound for Quantum of Solace.” Though some might suspect a huge cheque will have helped sway them too.

The theme for Quantum Of Solace, the second film to star Daniel Craig as the British spy, was originally intended to be a collaboration between Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson The plan fell apart when Ronson said Winehouse was in no state to record anything.


Quantum of Solace is due for release in the UK October 31st and November 7th in the US.